Monday, December 15, 2008

Day For Night

Day for Night is a film about the behind-the-scenes life of a cast and crew on a movie set. Watching this movie is similar to being at a party and listening to four or five conversations throughout the night. the focus on each conversation is singular and linear, starting from (from example) conversation #1 and making its way down to conversation #5. Information is gathered as to what is happening between each of the people in the conversations, but once the focus returns to the people from the first conversation, there are new developments and changes in attitudes between those people. Drama ensues and there might be a fight, a break-up or someone might just leave the party. The film truly has that "outside-looking-in" approach but its all in what the film is trying to get across. 
The huge irony about the film is that the actors keep on acting off camera, while the crew can tell the difference. there is almost a child-like quality to the actors and their reactions to what goes on around them. they over dramatize (i.e. Alphonse quitting) and have trouble dealing with certain situations. The crew on the other hand Tends to downplay the seriousness of some of the situations, but they still keep a level head and see what is really going on. The way the film is edited - in a short, snappy, momentary way - really shows these contrary personalities because all that is shown are snippets of conversations and attitudes. 
 What the film is really trying to get at however, is the all-encompassing lifestyle of the film industry and its effect on who is involved in it. The actors become more dramatic because they are acting for long hours everyday, and the crew becomes more realistic because they are watching the actors act all day. Either way, there is a dedication to making film that engrosses both sides of the camera, and consumes everyone's thoughts, actions and words.

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